The Annual Vestry Meeting and the Annual Parochial Meeting were held on Sunday 22 April 2018 in the Parish Church. At the Vestry meeting, Bob Chaplow and Dick Peters were re-elected as Church Wardens.

At the Annual meeting Terry Ryland, Susan Thwaite and Linda Hayden stepped down as members of the PCC as their terms of office ended.

The following members of the congregation were elected to the PCC:
Susan Lapwood, David Law, Lucy Stone, Ann Gregory and Alastair Hunter

The full PCC is now made up as follows:

Clergy:                                              Fr. Orazio Camaioni
Church Wardens:                               Dick Peters             (Lay Chair)
                                                           Bob Chaplow           (Vice Lay Chair)
Elected Members:                              Catherine Mann
                                                            Linda Knight
                                                            Sandra Ord
                                                            Lesley Royan          (PCC Secretary)
                                                            Susan Lapwood
                                                             David Law
                                                             Lucy Stone
                                                             Ann Gregory
                                                             Alastair Hunter   
Representatives on Deanery Synod:    Bill Jestico              (PCC Treasurer)
                                                             Russell Leigh
                                                             John Ridgway
                                                             Jan Ralston

The two Churchwardens provide leadership and take day-to-day management
decisions. They are both expecting to be kept busy during the interregnum following the departure of Fr. John on 1st June 2018.

The Standing and Finance Committee monitors the financial position of the parish and has delegated powers to take decisions between meetings of the PCC. The
members are Bob Chaplow & Dick Peters (Church Wardens), Bill Jestico (Treasurer), Lesley Royan (PCC Secretary) and Alastair Hunter (elected by the PCC from its members).