Liturgical Changes

The PCC which met on the 20th of November 2018 considered the liturgical provision in our Parish and decided that it is time to move to Common Worship, which, together with the Book of Common Prayer, is the only authorised form of public worship in the Church of England. This means that we will also switch from the Roman to the Anglican lectionary. New sheets for the Eucharist in Traditional and Contemporary language will be issued and all the necessary Altar Books and Lectionaries are being purchased by the Churchwardens. Changes will officially take effect from Sunday 2nd of December (Advent 1) which marks the beginning of the Liturgical year. The impact of this regularisation on the congregation will be minimal in terms of new things to learn, and in many ways it will mean going back to forms of response people are already accustomed to (e.g. "I am not worthy to receive you" rather than "that you should enter under my roof", or "This is the word of the Lord" rather than "The word of the Lord"). We would ask the congregation to be patient for the first few Sundays and to follow closely the Order of Service until they feel confident enough.